Monday, November 1, 2010

Glossary Body Building Part 2

Cold: Refers to your muscle when you are not training, and thus are not pumped up.

Compound lifts: Lifts that involve a lot of the major muscle groups and do not isolate just one muscle group (e.g., deadlift, squat, pull-up, bench press, military press).

Cutting: To decrease your caloric intake, lose weight and drop in body fat percentage.

DB: dumbbell.

Drop set: Usually 3 sets done without any rest in between. You do the first set, then lower the weight by a certain poundage, do the second set, lower the weight again and do the third set, all with no break period.

Ectomorph: Skinny, naturally small boned. Has hard time putting on muscle.

Ego lifter: Somebody who lifts more weight than they can handle, and thus has poor form.

Endomorph: Stocky/fat build, naturally big boned. Has hard time cutting (losing fat).

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Glossary Body Building Part 1

Glossary Part 1

• 100% intensity: Giving the lift all you have. This means that at the end of your workout, you have no desire to even press a 5pd. dumbbell - you are just completely exhausted.

• BB: Barbell (e.g., bb curl= barbell curl).

• Body fat (%): The amount of overly fat your body has. Can be measured using callipers (with a 3-4% margin of error) or a water body fat test. Electrical tests are highly unreliable (margin of error of anywhere from 10-30%).

• Bulking: To increase your caloric intake and gain weight.

• Burn ("The burn"): Increased build up of lactic acid in your muscles.

• Cardio: Anything that increases your heart rate (e.g., running, boxing).

• Chalk up: To rub ground up chalk on your palms. This increases your grip and prevents slippage from sweaty palms. Far superior to using gloves, as you have a natural grip and can feel the weight in your hand.

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Ahli Bina Badan: Malek Nor

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